Novel Black Moon By Nisha Umar Complete – ZNZ

 Black Moon By Nisha Umar Complete – ZNZ

بلیک مون از نِشہ عمر

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Look at this, Dad. At night, Ashweh happily came to show her test to everyone.

what’s this … While holding the test, Mr. Hameed started taking out glasses from his pocket. Then he looked and saw that it was his test. Riz was sitting next to him and staring at him. He was not ready to believe that evening’s test could be so good.

Baba congratulated Ashweh and told him to work harder and looked at Riz who was looking at him as if he was about to be chewed raw.

show me Then Mamma held Baba’s hand.

It must have been copied. Mama said as soon as she saw it.

Yes no I think so too. Because she has been taking zero marks till now. How can she suddenly take full marks? And they also read.

Why do you study? I have studied all night. And now you stop burning and rest assured that this is my test.

How can I believe? That morning, you were watching a movie. Watching Baba and Mamma, another boil broke out. Ashweh’s heart should tear his head.

I don’t watch the movie. He stared at Reez barely swallowing Nawala

liar … Let me see your laptop now.

H Yes, look. Wind was also flying on his face while shaking his hands.

I see now. He got up and started going inside.

hold on .. Eat now. Ignoring Mamma’s stare, he called her back. Reez sat back quietly. Because the fire had already been lit, now only Baba would go to his room and behind Mamma had to wash the evening meal with slippers. He is now in a good way. And Reez had to enjoy that scene.

Ashwee had taken three or four bowls with great difficulty. She was dying of hunger. She started getting up before Baba left.

Just eat and drink. Gritting her teeth, Mamma asked her to sit down, but she remained there

Then after some time, when Baba left, he took off his slippers without any reason.

you shameless How many times have you said not to watch movies? even then … The shoe hit his arm and said.

I don’t see. He is lying. She would have stood up for herself. .

I am telling the truth. I myself have seen it with my own sinful eyes. By riding it, he had accomplished his goal. And Ashwee would warn her by putting her hands on her face, avoiding the shoes thrown by Ayesha Begum and disappearing in her room. Ayesha started telling Reez from behind. That you had given him a laptop, now it fails, he and Riz were eating with their ears closed

Black Moon By Nisha Umar Complete is a Urdu novel composed by outstanding creator anushy ahmed. It incorporates a socio-sincere story that outlines the obfuscated presence of an in a strange couple situation and their relationship is just a compromised.

Sibling, kindly, stop the vehicle. Would you like to kill me?

 Once more, assuming that your voice returns, I truly need to hit something. A truck was coming before which Zarnam saw.

 Aban’s consideration was on Zaranam, he saw Zaranam becoming white. The vehicle had nearly arrived at the truck when the vehicle went to the opposite side with a shock. Zaranam and Ezel were shouting together.

 Nothing occurred. While dialing back the speed of the vehicle, Aban held the hand of Kanpati Zaranam. One individuals sitting at the front deteriorates when he sees the vehicle drawing nearer. The speed of his vehicle was additionally exceptionally high.

 M. Try not to understand me. Never read me please. Bring me down here. She was shouting boisterously. Alongside the perspiration drops on her brow.

 When the speed of the vehicle dialed back, I woke up and saw that the street was practically vacant before me. Then, at that point, I saw Aban, who was driving the vehicle with a serious look all over and held his hand with one hand as though consoling him that there is compelling reason need to stress, I won’t allow him to kick the bucket unexpectedly early. Azal could have blacked out. Zaranam turned his eyes and thought back.

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