Black Moon Novel By Nisha Umar (Season 2) Complete – ZNZ

Black Moon Novel By Nisha Umar (Season 2) Complete – ZNZ

بلیک مون از نیشا عمر (سیزن 2)

Nisha umar is a Virtual Entertainment essayist and presently her Books
(Black moon s2) are being composed with Books Center. ZNZ is another stage
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Dadu making a white color barbie doll frock for me

It is on this Eid. Seventeen-year-old Zaranam looked at Ayesha sadly.
Ezel has so many cute cute clothes. I had a bus from Normal. She had just
come from school.

So, son, there is a difference between these people and us, or there is
no difference, grandpa. Just do it on purpose

They do. I looked at them with displeasure. If they were my parents, they
would have given me away. She was always very friendly

Is ..

The only daughter of Zarnam Reza Sial Reez. She studies in the same
school in which Ezal Issam Sheikh. There is only a year and a half
difference between the two. Both were very close to each other, they were
also cousins and friends. Ezel was normal. But still Zarnam was a victim
of inferiority complex. If there is no one of the parents, the child
cannot be raised in the same way as a child needs water. He had no father
and no mother. Just grandpa. Perhaps this sense of lack within him

All life.

good Well, this time I must give it to my daughter

will Now go and wash your hands. Then we will eat together. Like every
time, it’s okay, dad. She picked up the bag and went inside. Nine

She was a brilliant student of the class. After changing, he ate with
Dadu. Then she slept for some time. At six o’clock she used to go to her
teacher to study. Aisha came upstairs after he slept. A widow lived there
with her married son and daughter-in-law. The upper portion remained

It felt like home. Let’s have support. Need to be in trouble. His
daughter-in-law Asma was also a good girl at heart. Sitting upstairs, they
had enough time, then downstairs

come Then picked up Zaranam.

get up It’s time. She used to wake up on the same sound.

yes grandpa She went to the bathroom wearing slippers. Changed Naha’s
clothes. Then picked up the bag and went to the neighborhood. Came

The neighborhood

You must know. To Palusha Begum and her family

Rabi means Rabil. Palusha’s granddaughter. Hamna, a younger sister of
Rabil, who is very small, had a difference of eight years between Rabil
and Hamna. Mah Bir and Manish had only two daughters who were beautiful in
their rings. Rabel in English Literature

She had done Masters. And now she was a lecturer in the university.
Zaranam used to go to study with him. That convenience. Nano’s house is
also nearby. Where was the honor and dignity?

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