Novel Aira By Aneeta Raja Complete – ZNZ

Novel Aira By Aneeta Raja Complete – ZNZ

ائرہ از انیتہ راجہ


Aira by Aneeta Raja Urdu Heartfelt Book. Novel story of a young lady who is removed from the country by a pirating boat and saves her life by getting into the boat of a kid who utilizes young ladies like tissue paper. Also, the young lady takes shelter in the kid’s boot to save her honor. The kid becomes hopelessly enamored with the young lady right away. What’s more, he effectively weds her.

Novel Based
Possasive Legend , Generally Heartfelt Novel, Gangster,Innocent Champion, After marriage story, Romantic tale, Social Heartfelt Novel, Legend cop, Dimple Girl,second marriage,Rude legend based novel, cousin based, Interesting novel, Kinship based novel

Numerous books of Aneeta Raja are accessible on our web. she is a well known essayist Individuals are in every case enthusiastically hanging tight for his book. Her books stand out for individuals. What’s more, Let us in on about the truth of the world. Sincerely and genuinely His books constrain the perusers to peruse You can peruse.


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